IAAP Foundations

IAAP Retirement Trust Foundation (RTF)

The RTF has assisted many admins over the years with comfortable and affordable housing through building and the ongoing operation of the Vista Grande apartment complex in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. With RTF subsidies, the apartments at the complex are priced below the rent market for the geographic area.
More recently, we launched our Housing Subsidy for Admins in Need program (HSAN) in an effort to assist more admins. This program has the capability of assisting more admins per year than we currently help.  We need you to get the word out about HSAN, so that the RTF can help more admins participate in the program. 
  Visit the Retirement Trust Foundation web site at: www.iaap-rtf.org.

  2011-2012 RTF Trustees:
  Kelly Reggio, CAP-OM - Chairman
  Carolyn Prather, CAP - Vice Chairman
  Jean Bohniski, CAP-OM - Secretary
  Patricia Row, CAP-OM - RTFC Liaison
  Wendy Melby, CAP-OM - Treasurer

IAAP Research & Education Foundation (R&E)

Advancing the careers of administrative professionals through research, education and publication initiatives that enhance their professional development.

The Research and Educational Foundation (R&E) was established as a non-profit organization in 1966 to focus on promoting the careers of admins through scholarships and its own professional development programs.

In 1969, high school senior Jackie Watts became the foundation’s first $2,000 scholarship winner (the equivalent of about $12,000 today) to help her study business education at Middle Tennessee State University. In the years since, the R&E has raised nearly half a million dollars for scholarships and to support research and benchmarking studies related to administrative professionals.

In recent years, IAAP has reaffirmed its commitment to the foundation and refocused on validating the association’s certification exams and providing financial support for deserving admins to attend educational events.  We need your help to make that possible. Just like those secretaries who banded together in 1942 to make their profession stronger by founding IAAP, we have the opportunity to enrich the careers of admins across the U.S. and around the world. It’s vital work.

Visit the 
R&E page for more information.