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Benefits of an IAAP Membership

For over 70 years, the International Association of Administrative Professionals has been helping office professionals reach their career goals through education, community building and leadership development.

Our certification programs are recognized as the industry standard of proficiency. Our educational programs, including OPTIONS Training, help admins advance their careers without putting their life on hold. With three annual conferences a year, members have numerous opportunities to learn and grow, not just at their job but in their life. We produce three different publications that go out to our members, which impart cutting-edge information about today's office. If you've been searching for a community to help you thrive in today's office culture, you've come to the right place.

Come join us as we create a better workplace, one admin at a time.
Member discount on purchases through IAAP on education and professional development resource materials Discounts on registration of any IAAP sponsored international level training workshops, seminars, conferences and conventions. Discounts on registration for the Certified Administrative Professional or the Certified Professional Secretary exams...and more.

IAAP Dues and Forms

Professional: *Processing fee $15, Annual Dues $88, Chapter Dues $25, Division Dues $15 = $143/year
(If you are renewing your dues, exclude the $15 one-time processing fee = $128/year renewal)

Student: *Processing fee $15, Annual Dues $50, Chapter Dues $10, Division Dues $8 = $83/year

*Processing fee $15, Annual Dues $180 = $195/year
                    *One-time processing fee

IAAP Membership Forms

Reinstatement Form (to reinstate your membership if you have recently dropped off our membership roles)

Transfer Form (to transfer to/from another IAAP chapter or to Member at Large membership)